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Finanze Business Launches

Finanze Group have launched Finanze Business today, to be headed up by Thomas Bolan. This division will focus on enabling SMEs of all types to help secure and grow their cashflow, by offering a number of business-related finance products.

The next 18 - 24 months are predicted to be tough times for everyone. But while others retract, is it not better to go on the offensive and use this as an opportunity to grow? Based on the above evidence, many of your competitors will be leaving the market, by either retracting or through liquidation - giving ample opportunity for others to flourish. This is where we see the opportunity for our clients to use our free services to bolster their cashflow, help improve their offerings, be able to fund stock quickly, receive settlements on their invoices within a reasonable time and reduce the risk of clients not paying them.” quoted Thomas Bolan, Head of Business Finance.

Finanze Business will introduce a number of services to corporate customers including the introduction of secured and unsecured business loans, invoice finance, asset finance, FX, credit facilities, VAT loans and merchant finance to name a few, benefitting smaller start up companies, or those in their early years and well established larger companies. “Debt is often seen as negative. But, when used for the right reasons it can be a useful tool not just to sustain a company, but also to grow rapidly especially in times when others are restricting their activity or going out of business.” quoted Finanze Group CEO Alastair Hoyne.

The company also plans to offer tools such as invoice discounting and other types of cash advances to enable companies to improve cashflow at a time when many are struggling.

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