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Finanze Group CEO joins Soulful Minds' CIC as an Advisory Board Member

Finanze Group CEO Alastair Hoyne is now an Advisory Board Member of Soulful Minds CIC.

Soulful Minds CIC is a non-profit organisation based in the West Midlands that specialises in mental health. They have a passion to make a difference in the social housing sector by applying holistic therapy and support tailored to the need of their residents. Their unique approach helps residents to overcome the obstacles they face and empower them to move on to an independent and fulfilled life.

They work directly with local councils hence ensuring that their planned growth and expansion is fully supported by the locals together with their board members, and that they are honoured to have such a unique skill set who tailor advice to ensure that they are on track to meet their objectives over the coming years.

As a non-profit organisation, every donation is greatly appreciated and they use funding to tailor support needs to every individual that enters their provision.

The founders Kristy Brown and Susan Clark have extensive backgrounds in the sector and each comes with their own unique specialism, this coupled with extensive property knowledge makes them a significant force within the social housing sector.

Finanze Group CEO Alastair Hoyne always ensures that collaboration with community networks comes with valuable impact, especially to each individual's wholeness and well-being.

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